A dream

I dream a dream about the oceans, about the water of the sea.

Maybe,in the life before this one, i was raised by the wind.

There is a song of a melancholy which holds me each stormy night,

it crawled into my chambers

it lead me trough the madness

it made me afraid of the height.

And by the restless storms of whispers i  do hear the night birds choir

the sounds that closing reality beneath the feets of wonder.

And each time i run from that flame that takes me back on what i was

the call of the  torment

releases  the wildness

and the doors are opening again.

I’m in the confusion of distance calls, that stretch their arms towards  me

the nights  that shouts my name from the distance, they call me over and over again .

So i dream a dream about this landscape that wakes the lonely pleasure’s heart

i give emotions to the oceans thou shall surrender to the night.


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