The forgiven hero (Work of my student, i am proud of)

This is a story about one girl with many powers.
She has five different wands.The first is for health and with this wand she can help to every sick child and person on this planet.
The second is a wand of happiness ,this one is so special, with it’s touch,almost every wish that makes you happy becomes a reality. The third is about love and soulmates.
The fourth is connected with physical and psychological power. And the fifth is about money.
The last one is the most important because it replaces most of the others with it’s powers.
The legend says that only the person with a true heart can manage such a great powers. But if any wand comes in a wrong hand it can make grave evil.
But, what is a person who finds any of this wand,does not possess only a great and pure heart but the slight of evil within it too?
Does that makes them dangerous or good and kind? Can they handle the battle of two opposite sides in themselves?
Can they be forgiven if they create the sadness in some human hearts even if they made many of them happy?
Aren’t we , humans, exactly that? Those who struggle every day with a bit of a poison and honey within us, so why do we need to believe that the heroes are so perfect unlike us?
Jelena B.

(One of my students, made this story real with just a bit of my help. I am so proud of her)


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