Dijana Zmija-On my road to madness

On my road to madness I will gladly  take your hand

Reaching for the deepest sadness if it is my very end

Crumbling with the wild winds, I will hold your endless fire

I am the madman with the wings, lost in your obscure desire

When the hero’s broken, storyteller loudly  speaks

And all that is spoken, is the healer of what Is weak

And I found a remedy of the darkness in an empthy heart

In your kiss, the majesty, it brings together what’s thorn a part.

I will gladly change the world, universe and this limitless mind

I will loose my head to be with what once’s considered blind.

I will reach the distant shores, just to be your drop of ocean

You will find the life and magic in my heart,in my devotion.

Madman, for what he may seam, is the writer of your dreams

He will reach the loudest minds, just to whisper to the screams

And those whispers calls you when the passion burns in the cold

Be here when they’ve told you, I  will surrender my hidden soul.

Dijana Zmija


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