The Ego has landed

Our body is just a crust of the Earth’s magnetic spectrum.

We are fullfilled with the splended birth of colours within that field but to reveal ourselves as more than the humans we are, we have to be released of the chains of hatered and Ego.

When the controversy of seeking more for myself becomes seeking more for the other human being, you get the chance to unlock the doors of freedom and to let go of your lack of humidity and inferior ambitious soul.

Get to know the naked soul withing myself rather of loving the crust that seasonly changes it’s beauty. Fall in love with the core of my  starry being, humble as the last day on the Earth and rich as the splender of the sleeping sea on the moonlight.

Leave me breathless for the unseen beauty you have awaken, and bary my soul within your colorfull heart. Only then you can taste the sound of magic reborn again in your own gifted reality. To become more gifted by becoming one with my sensual sences of love.

And then i’ll show you what freedom has to offer to the captivity you’ve refused to mantain in your life.

Dijana Zmija



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