Dijana Zmija-Dragons Are Real

Dragons are real, trapped in the mist of nightly mountains, or dragged by the call of the depth of the oceans. Often unseen in the hills of those who are lost and the lonely drifters who always wonder. None of the mentioned is ever forgotten and left to go, they are only hidden, but if u call them in the right hour and with the right call…they will be answering to you…
You hear them roaring with the thunder, you see them flying over the storm. You sense their presence in the forests of darkness, where they teach the vizards the  forgotten secrets of the begining of time and the ending of sadness. You can hear them speaking in the languages you can always understand. You can see their signs in every rain that falls, you can catch their trail with each motion of the sun.
They will be fallowing just if they hear you call…
Dijana Zmija

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