Dijana Zmija-Rad moje učenice-”Pictures Talk”

This old couple is in a happy marriage for a long time. We see that from the flowers, that he picked up for her, from their small, sweet garden. He used to pick it up for a many years or maybe he parked his car in some meadow and took some for her.

Maybe they are going to see their daugher so they brought flowers and some food that is in a humper. I think they are a good parents.

They remind me of my granparents who never come empty handed at our house.

If someone have grandparents who love them, who are always there for them, but you are also always there for them, then you are a rich person.

Love is something that can’t be bought.

Yes, money can buy a shoes that will make you happy, it can buy a parashoot if you want to jump from a plane, it can buy holidays in Dubai but all of that is short term happiness.Only the person who can affort everything they wanted, but without having love knows how important it is  to have someone beside you with whom you can share the ymall joys of life.

If you don’t have love you will always try with expensive things to replace love that is missing and everything that you do will not have sense.

This image sends very strong message and that is:

-Always be gratefull for what you have

-Always say someone that you love them

-Always tell someone what you have in mind

-Always live life as if there is no tommorow

Because the years will pass fast, and you will be alone, without your parents, without your youth and your dreams. You’ll be sitting on the couch, trying to revive the gosts of the past and the people you loved but it will be too late to tell your last words, because that person will no longer be there next to you and soon you will disappear too.

So don’t think that you have enough time for everything, because reality is that you don’t.


Meleni Radovanović.


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