Dijana Čop-Tower Of Madness

In a God forsaken land, beyond the greatest sea, the tower, similar but not alike any lighthouse, was built.

In it you enter alone but you are never actually left to wonder. You have a company. As you step on the staircases that go in circle, you step to a never ending journey.

The light would go darker, the heart would pump faster, the loneliness would suffocate you, giving you chills, the feeling of worthlessness and drowning in emptiness. You would try to continue step by step and as you rise, you’d face your worse fears, some broken childhood memories, some past blood of your soul, some present madness and future at dawn.

You’d walk as fast as you can but you would neve walk alone.The tower would test your mind and heart, the walls would tempt your senses,  your vision would make you blind. You’d feel emptiness of life and death’s horrors. You’d cry in deepest screams of what is and what might be. You’d suffocate for long, not knowing is it air or poison.

People gone mad just by stepping to the enterence of this tower. No one ever returned sane and untouched. However, just once in maybe thousands of years, there could  exist a soul of a pure heart who already fought, in this veary reality,  battles worse then any nightmare this mad tower can bring . The one who did, is the  one who’d get away untouched and unharmed by shadows and her mind. It’d resurrect as the Phoenix does, in the scariest and deppest flames that lay hidden in the pure darkness.


Dijana Zmija


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