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Dijana Zmija-Depth Of Silence

I come because i know what it means to not show up when expected.
I explain because i know what it means to be left without explanation.
I trust and give chances because the world is already full of doubts and acts out of fears.
I risk because there is no way to live this life all secured and away of troubles.
I embrace because i was often left out and ignored.
I ask before i judge, conclude or assume.
I often hear the look that one has in his eyes because mouth are full of tricks and temptations along with lies.
I wait because impattience already costed many tears.
I let go because on the door might be the one who waited me for years.
We need a space to give for those who come but also those who wanna go.
In this life you don’t measure love with anything but time and effort it takes to stay and show.
Dijana Zmija