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Dijana Zmija-On Love….Marvelous

We always learn, we never stop learning. So i want us to know good our needs, values, fears, insecurities.And the most important thing to stay together even when we are angry and when we face chalange as partners anger, fears, insicurities, bad days.I want us to overcome some things basic ordinary couples cant. I want us to heal, not to be destructive when we face storms. Real love is hard cuz it takes us jumpin’ out of all things we are used to. Sometimes we must make more effort then we are able to, sometiemes we must compromise more then it feels like needed, sometimes we must suffer partner’s egoism or hurtful words, sometimes we have so much struggle understanding each other. But that is the exact spot where u measure is love worth fighting for or it is just party we attend while it is fun and good for us.
Many people fail there and then they ask why are they alone. Giving up is first main problem of couples and also impulsiveness on anger, unsatisfaction, unpleasentry….No one wants to feel those cuz they see it as obstacle not chalange. In life many times higher meaning comes after the most bitter taste of pain. And i am awitness of it. It doesnt mean we have to ask for problems so we can overcome them, it means we have to grow higher then any wall that comes between us. If we doubt each other’s love or intentions and if we dont feel secure with one another, all the rest loses meaning ,sense and even entusiasm for further fighting. And also loneliness ,lack of social activity, lack of doing things we enjoy, and facing people we cant stand are things that only add to our unsatisfaction with life and then partner too.Intelligent people question everything, every time and all the time. Doubts are also killers.That is why we must redirect our doubts to something constructive ,healing and fulfiling.
Dijana Zmija